Reduce walking distances, lifting actions and forklift traffic

We offer conveyors for boxes, trays and pallets – all based on proven techniques with limited maintenance and a long service-life. Non-driven roller conveyors are used where possible, wherever employees have to be positioned. Driven conveyors are used where quite a distance has to be covered. Including controls, installation and service.






transportsysteem-rollerband Conveyors


Conveyors for boxes and trays

  • Flexible wheel and roller conveyors; flexible transport between work areas
  • Non-driven and/or gravity roller conveyors; for packaging lines, packing and shipping stations
  • Driven and accumulating roller conveyors; to cover distances, for buffering or sorting
  • Conveyor belts; transport of unusual shapes and ascending/descending belts
  • Modular belts/slat conveyors; extremely flexible in terms of shapes, with limited drives
  • Chain conveyor; transporting and positioning for machining cells
  • Lifts; vertical transport
  • Chutes; simple downward transport

Pallet conveyors

  • Non-driven roller conveyors; gravity-driven or buffering
  • Driven roller conveyors; covering distances, reducing the number of forklifts
  • Chain conveyors; transverse pallet transport
  • Turning tables; turning and continued transport in that direction
  • Right angle deck; continued transport in another direction
  • Transfer car; covering long distances with low capacity and cleared roads
  • Lifts; vertical transport

Conveyers to load/unload containers

  • Telescopic gravity roller conveyors; loading/unloading by gravity
  • Flexible gravity roller conveyors; loading with bends in the conveyor
  • Powered flexible roller conveyors; loading/unloading with bends in the conveyor
  • Driven telescopic conveyor belts; loading/unloading of big volumes

Some of our installed conveyorsystems

rollerbaan-transportsysteem-2c0543725536539bdfd27760c3be4999 Conveyors
rollerbaan-in-de-praktijk-1382ce09c669a5a2d4b01c67a89fb57c Conveyors
uitgebreid-transportsysteem-335a64c09de087ef6c7ad50154092918 Conveyors
systeem-voor-transport-51c68eccd2e16a4ac6f6abed1a6dac33 Conveyors

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