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Equipment are warehouse related products and systems which we supply directly or through partners.


Hulpmiddelen voor transport 

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  • Carts and trolleys. As a dealer for fetra, we offer a wide variety in transportation equipment. There will always be work for which these vehicles can provide added support. We have a comprehensive catalogue available for an overview of all possibilities. Feel free to request this free catalogue.
  • Paternosters and shuttles. For fast, efficient and ergonomic order picking.
  • Warehouse and flow racks. For efficient storage of goods and limited walking distances during order picking. And first in-first out.
  • Pick to light/put to light systems for fast and faultless orderpicking.
  • Vacuum lifting aids for boxes and other flat products. Manually operated vacuum lifting system that is exceptionally simple and easy to use and can be operated quickly.
  • Electric-hydraulic lifting tables. For lifting products and pallets to an ergonomically sound height. Practical and safe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or invite us for on-site advice without obligation. This allows us to find the best solution for you. Because the solution does not start with the product, it starts with a personal meeting and someone who listens to your current problems and requirements.

Some of our installed equipment solutions

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