Packaging lines

The packer should pack without spending an unnecessary amount of time on walking and lifting.

Checking, packing and preparing picked orders for shipment still requires a great deal of manual labour, a process in which considerable improvements can be achieved. The packaging process, for instance, can be strictly structured to enable the order picker to package goods without spending an unnecessary amount of time on walking, picking up and lifting products and packaging materials. All packaging processes are similar but not all companies handle this process in the exact same way. That is why our design focusses on your specific situation, problems and requirements. The goal is to achieve a functional, ergonomic and flexible process with a short payback period. We use standard modular systems when possible and supplement it with customised modules as and when required.






Our packaging lines are equipped with our own special non-driven roller conveyors. The frames of these roller conveyors have a unique closed construction without any sharp edges and corners. This is a major advantage for people who have to work on them, because injuries on their legs and torn clothing have become a thing of the past. The ladies of one of our customers even refer to our roller conveyors as ‘huggable’ – to us, there is no greater compliment than that.

Packing and shipping stations

These roller conveyors are combined with the Hüdig & Rocholz workbench programme we use to build packing and shipping stations that can be integrated into our packaging lines. It is a professional programme with great flexibility and a modular construction. Our extensive experience and creativity allow us to combine the standard modules with customised solutions to optimally design virtually any work area for your specific work process. Our systems are suitable for future adjustments and extensions, which is a considerable advantage. This means fine-tuning and adjusting to ever-changing processes has been allowed for during the service life of our systems. Scales, cushioning materials and packing equipment are also integrated into our packaging lines. We use standard modular systems.

Some of our installed packing lines

uitgebreide-inpaklijn-f5e38634ba18c8484454610d65150211 Packaging lines
inpaklijn-magazijn-09cbbe2a2f3e80713a0d28ba0219523f Packaging lines
optimaal-vormgegeven-inpaklijn-458dbabc986dc6b1760aeb6e22c952fb Packaging lines
rondlopende-inpaklijn-b36b35d233c537e8fc5d9f418b02a05b Packaging lines

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