Keep it flexible and modular

As a dealer for Hüdig + Rocholz, we can supply an extensive programme in working and packing tables, that can be integrated into our packaging lines or used as stand-alone options. Our extensive experience and creativity allow us to combine the standard modules with customized solutions to optimally design virtually any work area for your work process. Our systems are suitable for future adjustments and extensions, which is a considerable advantage. This means fine-tuning and adjusting to ever-changing processes is allowed for during the service life of our systems.


Ergonomische werktafels 


Ergonomische inpaktafel

Ergonomic solutions

Over time, these systems have drawn the attention of experts in the field of posture and body movement, who are happy to recommend us. Our System FLEX has been certified in 2015 as ergonomical product (IGR). We have a comprehensive catalogue available for an overview of all possibilities. Feel free to request this free catalogue. Even better still; invite us for on-site advice without obligation. This allows us to evaluate your current process and use it as a base to start improving your process and means – as if it were our own warehouse. A unique 3D configurator allows us to design your working, packing and shipping stations in such a way that the set-up designed can be viewed from all angles. This provides employees with a clear picture of their new work area.

Some of our installed packingtables


inpaktafel-5ce783f8019493764221f44e1246f516 Workbenches
inpaktafel-met-rollerband-5634656f2a99c5c55c1221f025f84092 Workbenches
inpaktafel-gemoderniseerd-37a087f67f4c47fa52146eee62a84d88 Workbenches
werktafel-met-rollerband-666a10ff3090e80313dd009e2f594b27 Workbenches

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